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It’s truly a matter of taste.  Your taste defines the meaning of quality coffee.  As such, Exell offers a wide variety of coffee types, roasts and flavors so you can select the best ones for you. 

Whatever coffee you choose, Exell ensures that you get the most out of your coffee (i.e. the “Golden Cup”) by:

  1. Using great water.  Since water accounts for at least 98% of a coffee beverage, the water you use is critically important to the quality of your coffee.  Nothing can ruin a cup of coffee more surely than chlorinated tap water.   To bring out the best from your coffee we recommend using filtered water (all of our automatic brewers come with in-line water filters) or our bottled water.
  2. Using the best equipment for your situation.  One-cup or by-the-pot?  Automatic or pour-over?  The choices seem endless.  By asking you a series of questions about the configuration of your facility, the types of coffee you drink, usage patterns, etc.; Exell ensures you have the best brewer for your application.  We then install high quality brewers and thermal air-pots to ensure you get the best and most reliable results.
  3. Delivering it all conveniently.  Our coffee specialists will only deliver the coffee, tea, hot chocolate, condiments and cups you need (they are not commissioned salespeople).  With your input they will set and maintain an inventory level that balances maximum freshness with never running out before the next delivery.  They will rotate your product and can work with you meeting your needs for special meetings and events.