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Unhappy with the taste of tap water but tired of bottled water deliveries, lifting heavy bottles and using up valuable storage space with empties?  Leave the hassles behind and turn the tap water you already use into clean and great tasting drinking water by having an Exell water filtration system installed.

Water filtration systems have come a long way over the past 10 years.  They are now literally, miniature bottled water plants in your home, office or facility.  Exell offers you a variety of filtration solutions to ensure your taste is satisfied with the utmost convenience. They include:

  • Freestanding and Countertop Microfiltration Systems
  • Freestanding and Countertop Purification Systems
  • Under-the-Sink Microfiltration or Purification Systems

Often the systems we install can be connected to your coffee brewer, refrigerator or icemaker.  To find out which solution(s) may work best for you e-mail or call us at 601-981-1231.